Monday, March 30, 2009

Prominent military commanders

Mr. Eduardo Abaroa †, an engineer, was killed leading a group of civilian defenders at the Battle of Topater

Dr. Ladislao Cabrera, organizing the defense of Calama

General Narciso Campero, military President of Bolivia (1880-1884)

General Hilarión Daza, military President of Bolivia (1876-1879)


General Manuel Baquedano González, commander in chief of the Chilean Army

Captain Ignacio Carrera Pinto †, killed with the entire garrison at the Battle of La Concepción, Peru

Colonel Pedro Lagos Marchant, captured the Morro de Arica (Arica Cape)
Rear Admiral Patricio Lynch y Solo de Zaldívar, military Governor of occupied Peru

Captain Arturo Prat Chacón †, was killed on the Huáscar at the Naval Battle of Iquique. He jumped from "La Esmeralda" and landed in the "Huascar". He died with a bullet wound in his head.

Colonel Francisco Bolognesi †, was killed while leading the defense of the Arica garrison

General Andrés Cáceres, led the guerilla war during the occupation of Peru, was elected President of Peru after the war

Rear Admiral Miguel Grau
†, commander of Huáscar and widely known as the gentleman of the seas, was killed at the Naval Battle of Angamos

Colonel Leoncio Prado †, the son of former President Mariano Ignacio Prado, chose duty as a soldier over an oath not to fight, was captured and executed by a Chilean firing squad after the Battle of Huamachuco

Colonel Alfonso Ugarte †, Bolognesi's top lieutenant, a rich saltpeter entrepreneur and former mayor of Iquique, was killed during the Battle of Arica, believed to have jumped off a cliff on his horse to save the flag from capture.

Other nationalities
Rear Admiral Abel Bergasse Dupetit-Thouars, French commander, after the Battle of Miraflores, he prevented the destruction and looting of Lima by threatening to engage and destroy the Chilean Navy with a French naval force under his command.

Colonel Robert Souper Howard †, a British soldier who served in the Chilean Army in nearly every battlefield of the war, was killed at the Battle of San Juan.

Lt. Colonel Roque Saenz Peña, an Argentine lawyer who served as an officer in the Peruvian Army during the battles of Tarapaca and Arica, was later elected President of Argentina.

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